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This post is an alternate option to emailing the mods about a problem, suggestion, or anything you need to address us with.

Things this post can be used for:

◘   Suggestions to improve the game/things you'd like to see changed
◘   Reporting Problems
◘   Crit for the Mods
◘   Requests for stuff like changing team leaders or adding people to teams
◘   Questions about stuff you're not sure of/setting info/upcoming plot stuff/whatever.
◘   Letting us know of some conflict you're not sure how to broach the subject between you and another player
◘   "I'm having trouble getting involved/getting CR, HALP"
◘   Lots of unspecified stuff. If there's something you just think we should know, you can comment here.


While we recommend people talk to one another first, whenever possible, this post can also be used to crit another player in the game, if they're OOC or the like and you're not sure how to broach the subject. We usually just talk to the other player politely to see how to fix it and act as a middleman to make it go more smoothly. Things we need if you're going to do that:

◘   The character you're critting
◘   An explanation of what you think is OOC/what's bothering you
◘   An example or two or a few specifics
◘   Whether or not you want your identity revealed to them

If the problem continues after we talk to the player, please contact us again to let us know it hasn't been resolved.

Another contact option besides this post is by mod email: transmigration9 [at] gmail [dot] com

If your issue is with a mod, and you're uncomfortable addressing the mods as a whole, please email a mod you're comfortable with or contact them via AIM.

Mod Individual Emails/AIM
Anders || Over-Arching Plot-- EMAIL: andylongwood [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: Chalkwitch
Chi || Delegation -- EMAIL: chibi [dot] tenshi [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: magicalchi
Malathyne || Discussion -- EMAIL: when [dot] all [dot] your [dot] dreams [dot] come [dot] true [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: whitepoof
Saphie || Housekeeping -- EMAIL: psychic [dot] saphie [at] | AIM: psychicsaphie
Shae || List  -- EMAIL: umi [dot] mikazuki [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: WpnSpc Ironhide

Plot Mod Individual Emails/AIM
Anna -- EMAIL: subtextequals [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: TinuvielSilmaril
Kaylin -- EMAIL: chirospasm22 [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: chirospasm22
Pixle || Head Plot Mod -- EMAIL: pixled [at] gmail [dot] com | AIM: Slr Fireruby

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