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CR/Plot/Milk Run Idea Post

This is the plot in a can/CE/milk run idea post. It is for very generic plots/milk run/scene ideas that anyone can do, that people are willing to give up for someone else to do. They can be complex or very simple--the key thing about them is that anyone can grab them, flesh them out, and have people play with them.

Plot and Milk Run Ideas

- A group of people go to a fairy tale world to establish a trade agreement for the GIA to acquire enchanted protective objects for their soldiers.

- A group of people have to do a heist to steal something from a train of some kind.

- The crew stops at a sea planet where everyone is given a device that lets them breathe and talk underwater, and gathers supplies and has a shore leave.

- On a world full of ninjas, a group of crewmates get ninja powers and have to face down an evil shogun in an epic battle to the death.

- Food shortage plot. Stacy's glop machine gets jammed and people freak out as the problem gets fixed.

- The crew has to help a floating city repair their make-it-float device before it fails, in exchange for some kind of technology or item supply.

- A Bronze Age society is in possession of a thing that could greatly benefit the ship and needs to be persuaded to part with it--or forcibly parted from it by the crew.

- A distress signal turns out to be a trap! The away team is robbed of their memories and have to somehow get the thing containing them.

- The crew ends up on a planet where the trope "Sorry I Left the BGM On" takes hold. They got to stop a villain who wants to destroy that because he/she thinks certain types of music is killing it.

- Something happens to one of Stacy's tiers

- Hero of Planet X. They arrive at a world with a specialized sun for some R and R and discover that the suns rays have given them Superman-esque powers for 1 day.

- "Mirror Mirror" universe--characters' alignments are inverted. Evil Spock goatees optional (but not really).

- The therapist AI goes ... overboard and starts rounding up characters into group therapy sessions

General CR Ideas

- Someone holds a banquet

There is no form to fill out for this, since the concepts are meant to be very simple. So go ahead and comment with ideas!

Note: This is NOT the post for fully-fleshed out plots. Those go in plot suggestions. This is more for very basic concepts anyone can steal and adapt things to. The more basic and easily adapted to other things, the better.