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Plot Calendar

The following plots have been approved and have confirmed dates. Approved plots that do not yet have confirmed dates will be listed in comments below. If there is a plot that should be listed but is not, please email the plot email ( with the plot in question and the dates it is supposed to run.

Approved and Slotted

In Brightest Day
Date: June 5th
Synopsis: The Tapestry says several crew members must go to a version of the DC Comics universe to help fight in a conflict there between the different corps of Lanterns, some of which police the universe and protect the innocent, and some of which are out to cause pain and chaos. Upon arrival, they receive the rings appropriate to them. The crew must fight in a war that isn't their own, deal with sometimes-hostile Lanterns and the complicated politics within and between the various corps, and must ensure that the War of Light between the corps ends in a way that doesn't devastate a universe.
Plot Length: 1 month
Plot Size: Medium.
Plot Location: Off-ship mission
Plot Runner: Saphie and Kaylin

Evil Deeds
Date: Mid/Late June
Synopsis:After the crew successfully rebels from the Daligig, they receive a call for aid from a beleaguered, backwater GIA planet much like a slightly-more-advanced-than-modern-day Earth. Acts of terror and horrible criminal activities are going on, far beyond the capacity of this world's police and military to handle.
Plot Length: Ongoing
Plot Size: TBA
Plot Location: Planetside
Plot Runner: TBA

Date: Mid/Late June
Synopsis: When a group of crew members garner some helpful hints from the GIA about a mysterious world that may hold answers about the Daligig and Ohm, called Iitha, an interview with the Tapestry gives them even more to work with: coordinates. The only problem: Iitha is surrounded by organic planetary defense constructs, much like brainless space-capable Ohm. If they make it to the hostile, fungi-riddle surface and manage to survive, exploration may provide them some answers to long-burning questions.
Plot Length: 2 weeks
Plot Size: 5-8 characters
Plot Location: Planetside
Plot Runner: Saphie, Chi, and helpers TBA

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid
Date: Early July
Synopsis: An intelligence mission to learn more about the Catastrophists and how they play into the conflict backfires as some of the individuals on the away team are captured. While their position allows them to learn all about the Catastrophists and how they play into the war, the other crew members on the mission must save them before they're brainwashed and forcibly indoctrinated into the cult against their will.
Plot Length: 2 weeks
Plot Size: 8-10 characters
Plot Location: Planetside
Plot Runner: TBA

Candy Mountain, Charlie!
Date: July 15th
Synopsis: The crew receives a distress call from Candy Mountain. Candy Mountain will explode unless they receive help! In return the crew can be rewarded with delicious candy. Once there, the crew is guided by two friendly unicorns who turn out to just be after their kidneys. With the help of a magical liopleurodon they escape and continue their quest. But will they reach Candy Mountain in time?
Plot Length: 2 weeks, 1 month if 15+ people sign up and I’ll resubmit
Plot Size: Open to anyone who wants in, assuming it’s on the small size of moderate. I’ll resubmit if 15 or more people sign up
Plot Location: Off ship mission
Plot Runner: Anna

Approved but Needs Slotting


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