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Special Operations Task Force Squad listing

Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting this up, but finally here it is the squad listing for all those characters that have expressed interest in being signed up!

These are still subject to change, if you've got any questions as to the current line up or would rather a different squad for your character we'll do our best to accommodate!

Just a note that these are effective now and bendy timed to have been formed prior to the rebellion. Unless that causes issue with anyone. In which case feel free to let me know.

(Specific Ranks in relation to command structure will be updated shortly)

Squad Listings:

Task Force Commander:
Rtas 'Vadum

Infantry Regiment command: Roger Maxson
(Note: Names for squads are temporary, feel free to go to town with your fellow squadmates in coming up with a name for your character's squad!)

Light infantry:
Squad 1 - Scouts/infiltrators
-River Song
-Dr McNinja

Potentially Kerrigan Once released from Brig

Squad 2 - Snipers (Starfighter command)

Heavy infantry:

Squad 3 - Power armour
Jorge - Squad leader

Squad 4 - Tanks
Maridian Squad leader

(Note: Due to the size of the task force at hand we had, we were unable to avoid ending up with two potential Squad leaders in the one squad. In this case Maridian and Ronnae, could the players of Maridian and Ronnae decide amongst yourselves and the squad as to who you would prefer to have lead for now?

If a position opens up in the future there shall still be potential for the other to be a squad leader, when circumstances allow)

Mixed infantry:

Squad 5
Adrian Shepard - Squad leader
Ashley Williams

Search and Rescue


Vehicle division:


Heavy Support Division



If I've missed anything or anyone feel free to reply below.
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I'm fine with Mar taking over if they want to ^^b As much as I'd like to lead, I can totally wait for a position to open since I have a project with Ronnie at the moment \o/
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I'm sure it doesn't matter who leads, because hours of arguing tactics are sure to follow no matter what. ;)
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My name only has one p!

Anyway, looks good.