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Bar fight!

For people who want to mix some pleasure posts with their rebellion posts, I bring you a bar fight post. It takes place BEFORE the rebellion. It’ll start off with Sirius and Crematia fighting. From there people are free to join in- maybe they want to take the opportunity to start a fight of their own. Maybe they want to stop the fight. Maybe they want to sit back and comment on the brawl. Whatever the case, it’s going to be a mess. Start your own thread, tag onto others, do whatever you want but have fun!

That said, there are some ground rules. Tables and chairs can be broken but nothing else. Also Kang will literally throw out whoever is involved in the fight and probably ban them from the tavern for a while.

The description for The Drunken Dragon is on this page. It’s basically a medieval tavern.

Feel free to use this post for questions, comments, and plotting.
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Crematia will be fighting in her human form. EXPECT HILARITY AND AWFULNESS.

But keep in mind that if you want your character and Crematia to take it outside, keep in mind that she is perfectly willing to change into her dragon form.