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In Brightest Day Plot Post for Part 1

Green Lantern Plot is go!

Mission: "Crew members of Stacy, you have the ability to overcome great fear." The Tapestry says several crew members must go to a version of the DC Comics universe to help fight in a conflict there between the different corps of Lanterns, some of which police the universe and protect the innocent, and some of which are out to cause pain and chaos. Upon arrival, they receive the rings appropriate to them and must learn to use them as part of their respective Corps. Prophecies of the various corps reinforce that the crew have a vital part in the final conflict and each corps thinks having them among their membership will allow them to win. In the end, the crew must fight in a war that isn't their own, deal with sometimes-hostile Lanterns and the complicated politics within and between the various Corps, and must ensure that the War of Light between the corps ends in a way that doesn't devastate a universe.
Plot Length: June 5 - July 5, set after rebellion
Plot Runner: Saphie and Kaylin, with npc help from Amit and Zippy

Character Roster
1. Sherlock Holmes
2. John Watson
3. Elle
4. Roger
5. Spinelli
6. Jamie
7. Hana
8. Sirius
9. Allenby
10. Simon
11. Barbara
12. Naoto

The Corps
NPC Journal - [personal profile] wieldtherainbow PW: Here

A basic plot outline is here, combining all the things players requested that they can do. It is just a guideline and not set in stone. Things may be changed, added, or removed, and if you'd like to do something different or aren't having fun with something, please let the plot-runners know.

If it's convenient, you can npc anything you feel comfortable with other than the Oans, Carol Ferris, and Sinestro.

Part 1 - Ring Around the Rosie